Titan Desert

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Titan Desert

Pack 1 includes: SERVICES of mechanics and physioterapy and cap of BellesTeam.

Titan Desert

Pack 2 includes: REGISTRATION with our code (2.345 €) and the SERVICES of Mechanics and physioterapy, cap and t-shirt of BellesTeam.

Titan Desert -From 19th to 24 april 2020

Team TBellès joins you in this adventure in MOROCCO

Registration + Travel + Mechanical Assistance + Physiotherapy

Titan Desert
Titan Desert


Are you ready for this adventure?

Because our goal is to achieve that cyclists just think about the most important thing, which is concentrating on the competition, pedaling and make the most of the experience in the Titan Desert 2020.

The equipment that we offer you in Morocco in this edition of the Titan Desert has a long experience in the world of BTT racing. Our staff will consist of physiotherapists, mechanics, coaches and logistics personnel to provide the best service.

Advice and stage by stage approach.
Massages pre and post stage by physiotherapists.
Washing, set point and mechanical tests at each stage.
Assistance in the provisioning points set by the organization.
Stock of spare parts and material transport.
Travel, transportation and logistics.

Discover the products that you can hire for the Titan Desert 2020.

If you want to forget about everything, Tbellès Team will take care of your registration for the race, the mechanics and physical therapy.
If you are already registered you can hire mechanics and/or massages individually.



ASSEMBLY OF BICYCLE AND SETTING IT UP FOR THE RACE. The first day in the same camp, once you've given us the bike in its carrying case. ASSISTANCE DURING THE RACE Every day at the end of the stage, the riders leave the bike
at our mechanic tent where we clean, check, grease and repair it.
Once we are done, we leave the bike hanging in place.
TRANSFER BETWEEN STAGES We take care of packing the bike for this day. LAST DAY When the race finishes, we put the bike back in the carrying case so that it can be sent back home. All work is included, the material will be charged separately. We will provide you all the material needed, provided that you fill all the details in the form we will send you.


The function and purpose of this service is to reduce muscular overcharge, contractures that may occur during race days, as well as treat injuries that may arise. Intensity friction techniques are used, moderate massage, palmar pressure, vibration techniques, stretching, etc. A leg massage the day before the first stage, post-competition massage after each stage and special care of injuries if they occur are included. Materials are also included in the price. Every day, once the stage is finished, we will schedule the massage.